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Deep Bedded Stall Rubber Roll

The KRAIBURG maxiBOX solves the problems of the classic deep bedded stall.  Consistently good comfort in deep bedded stalls is not always easy to attain and is especially hard to maintain. The classic deep bedded stall has to contend with several problems which have negative effects on cow comfort. Therefore, we focused our efforts on this subject and have developed a deep bedded comfort system, the KRAIBURG maxiBOX.

  • Maximum lying comfort                         

  • Year-round functional safety                   

  • Easier stall management possible         

  • Only 1.25 – 2” bedding depth required

4 component system                                                     ​

  1.  maxiLONGLINE – 65′ 6″ rubber roll                                                   

  2. maxiBOARD – rubber brisket board                                                  

  3. maxiSTEP – rubber curb at rear                                                          

  4. maxiPROFIL – optional profile at side as side lying area boundary

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