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Bedding Chopper

The KB1255 with the 13 HP Honda makes quick work of straw at less than 60 seconds per bale. The adjustable grate has six settings to control output and cutting length. The carrier for the extra bale folds up when not in use. A plastic top overlay and the adjustable plastic wear strip found on all Weaverline choppers helps eliminate any binding caused by the material being chopped and is very important when chopping newspaper. Economy models with a single swivel wheel and a 9 HP Honda or Briggs & Stratton are available as well as units with an electric motor. A bottom discharge model for mounting over a conveyor system leading to a T.M.R. mixer is also available. The aggressive 76-Knife rotor with a spiral design assures an even power curve for uniform continuous cutting with less horsepower. This rotor, with its double V-belt drive for efficient transfer of power, is the heart of the high-capacity Weaverline Bale Choppers. The tilt-top feature, standard on all Weaverline choppers, makes access to and removal of the rotor a quick and easy task. The standard rotor with 76 knives welded to heavy replacement plates which slide easily on the Heavy Duty 1-1/4" Hex Shaft allow for easy replacement of worn blades. Plates can be flipped once to use both edges of the knife. The simple and efficient drive system makes full use of the power supply and eliminates belt slippage. A completely enclosed oil bath gearbox drives the steel bale hopper which rotates on four large bearings.


Operators Manuals

All Downloads are in PDF Format.

Chopper Operators Manual.

Operators Manual for Weaverline Bedding Chopper.

Rotor Service Manual

Service Manual for the Rotor.

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