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Silage Packer

The most common method for packing a silage pile or trench is to run a heavy tractor across the surface as it is being filled. While this can be effective, tractor manufacturers and tire manufacturers focus their designs on reducing compaction-a benefit for field work but a major disadvantage when it comes to packing effectively. The Weaverline Silage Packer, with 30" steel wheels and large capacity weight boxes is an efficient and very effective packing alternative. The weight boxes, when filled with sand, deliver approximately 1,000 pounds per wheel. Each wheel is made of steel discs with a 3-inch wide stainless steel rim. The heavy-duty 5" steel-tube axle is mounted with bronze bushings to the 1/2 steel frame. the solid steel design delivers optimal packing performance.


Silage Packer Parts Manual

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