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T.M.R. Chopper

Available as a bottom discharge unit with either a 3 HP or 5 HP electric motor and stand for positioning over a conveyor or as a floor mounted unit with a blower and gooseneck for discharging into a T.M.R. mixer, the Weaverline T.M.R. choppers are an efficient and economical solution for processing dry hay or straw for use in a ration. The aggressive rotor with a spiral design assures an even power curve for uniform, continuous cutting with less horsepower. The tilt-top feature, standard on all Weaverline choppers, makes access to and removal of the rotor a quick and easy task. The simple and efficient drive system makes full use of the power supply and eliminates belt slippage. Using a bale chopper to process the material before adding it to the ration ensures complete chopping of the material, reduces the run time of the mixer and improves the quality of the mix.


Operators Manuals

All Links are in PDF Format

Operator Manual Blower

Operators manual for Weaverline Blower Chopper.

Operator Manual Side Discharge

Operators Manual for Weaverline Side Discharge Chopper.

Chopper Rotor Service Manual

Service Manual For the rotor.

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