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Small Brush

The EasySwing small cow brush is key to improving cow comfort and Agromatic is the ONLY U.S. Dealer!
Great for cattle, horses & other animals and…
No motor – ZERO electricity!
Best Value on the Market
Low maintenance

Small Cow Brush Benefits:

  • Keeps animals clean                   

  • Encourages hair shedding         

  • Promotes proper traffic flow      

  • Minimizes destructive behavior


  • Simple                                                                

  • No motor or electricity                                      

  • Full swinging motion                                         

  • Extremely durable                                             

  • Bristles come as replaceable individual rings

SMALL Cow Brush (Mini) Details

                       The EasySwing small brush is designed as a stimulus for animals and for their independent brushing.  The small brush is suitable for animals such as calves and goats.

  • Suitable for calves and smaller animals

  • Height: 24-1/2″                                        

  • Width (distance from wall): 18-1/2″       

  • Weight: 41#                                            

  • # of Discs: 12                                         

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